How long will this rare June ‘cooldown' last?

HOUSTON – A weather rarity happened in Houston on Monday as a cold front passed through the region, causing a small dip in temps. However, the bigger story is the big drop in humidity, which has made it feel more like spring than summer.

So, the big question – how long will this comfortably warm weather stick around?

Here’s a closer look at the forecast.


Tuesday started out very pleasant, with morning lows in the mid-70s. Highs will climb to near 90 degrees by the afternoon.

Temps will drop a bit more by Wednesday morning to about 70 degrees and maybe the upper 60s in some places. Highs will climb to near 90 degrees once again Wednesday afternoon.

The trend of comfortable mornings and warm afternoons continues through Friday.



The lower humidity that was brought in by the cold front is the factor that is making it feel absolutely fantastic outside.

Offshore breezes will keep humidity in check through at least Friday. That’s when winds will come back out of the south, bringing in all that Gulf of Mexico moisture that is more typical for Houston.


Tuesday will feature a chance of afternoon thunderstorms mainly southwest of Houston. Otherwise, expect partly cloudy skies.

The rain chances remain low until Saturday when another cold front tries to sink south. That will produce scattered thunderstorms, which could stick around through part of Sunday.

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