Coastal counties flooded after heavy rains from Hurricane Willa remnants

SANTA FE, Texas – Coastal counties in the Houston area were hit hard as remnants of Hurricane Willa brought rain to the city Wednesday evening into Thursday.

The heaviest rain moved through the area overnight, and while the majority of Southeast Texas received a half-inch to an inch of rain, some coastal counties were hit hard, receiving four to five inches of rain.

Street flooding was an issue in Galveston County, where Santa Fe, Dickinson and Bayou Vista all picked up over four inches of heavy rain.

A video of a Santa Fe woman using a bucket to remove water from inside her home near Ave E1/2 and FM 1764 showed how severe flooding was in some neighborhoods near bayous or other bodies of water.

Not far away, another Santa Fe resident said her street on G1/2 looked like a river.

"The water was right here, and I just knew that probably in about 15 minutes it was going to start coming into the house," said Priscilla Sustaita, pointing near the front of her door.

Many of the residents here experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder post-Hurricane Harvey, Sustaita said.

"And now I'm scared, I'm worried to death because it floods out here now. We had what 2-3 inches of rain? Maybe more? And the whole place is getting flooded," Sustaita said.

She prepared Wednesday night by putting important belonging on higher ground.

Meanwhile, on Hunter Drive and Highway 6 in Hitchcock, the road was submerged in water. According to KPRC2 reporter Rose-Ann Aragon, cars were parked along Highway 6 to protect them from the water.

Most of the houses in the area are on stilts, and moving cars to the highway is common practice during heavy rains.

Expect weather conditions to improve throughout the day Thursday. Breaks of sunshine are expected Thursday afternoon, with temperatures rebounding to 70 degrees.

Dry weather is expected through Halloween, giving a treat to Southeast Texas.