KPRC's 2018 Hurricane & Flood Survival Guide

HOUSTON – KPRC’s severe weather team helps get you ready for whatever Mother Nature brings our way in the future with our Hurricane and Flood Survival Guide 2018.

Download the KPRC2 Weather Team's 2018 Hurricane & Flood Survival Guide here.

File: KPRC 2018 Hurricane & Flood Survival Guide

We look at the hurricane forecast, the worst storms of the past, and how to get your family, including your children, ready for the next disaster.  We review the changes that have been made to better forecast a storm’s path and show you the evacuation routes for our area.  We help you identify the safest room in your home to stay in if riding out a storm, identify what NOT to do during flooding, and offer information to get your communications plan, your insurance coverage, and your emergency kits in order before it’s too late. 

Also, be sure to check out these pages to help prepare your children for disaster: games and the National Hurricane Center games.

We have more resources on the KPRC2 Hurricane Headquarters page here.