New hyperloop to zip passengers from Miami to Orlando in 26 minutes?

Hyperloop One considering 11 routes in US


MIAMI – A space-age transportation system may soon zip passengers from Miami to Orlando in just 26 minutes.

Hyperloop One, a start-up company in Los Angeles, proposes using a system of vacuum-sealed tubes that will create a low pressure system to allow trains, or "pods," to move at high speeds with little resistance inside from air pressure.

The company, which plans a public trial of the system this summer, is now considering 11 routes in the U.S. for further development, of which the Miami-to-Orlando route is one.

If the system is built, it would take less than a half-hour to travel from South Florida to central Florida. Normal travel time between the markets usually takes between three to four hours by car.

The 257-mile route would run along U.S. Highway 27 and Interstate 4.

Miami-Dade County's Director of Public Works, Alice Bravo, is part of the South Florida proposal team and sees a Hyperloop One link as a big deal for the area's commercial and tourist business, with the possibility of creating a longer route that could extend outside Florida.

"We think this is a corridor that could serve as a national stimulus," Bravo told The Verve, "for this area of innovation and human capital intellect." 

Hyperloop One will announce three winners in 2018.