Ask 2: Why aren’t the lights working at Gulf Freeway, Monroe?

HOUSTONQuestion: Why aren’t the lights working at Gulf Freeway and Monroe?

Answer: Viewers have been writing in and asking about the traffic lights at the intersection of the Gulf Freeway and Monroe, wondering why they are out or blinking red.

It’s a major intersection with a lot of traffic and when they’re out, it causes major backups, according to our viewers. KPRC 2 contacted the City of Houston Public Works Department and The Texas Department of Transportation and learned this location has an interesting problem. It turns out this intersection is battling an issue with RATS! According to the City of Houston Public Works Department, the rats are chewing the insulation off the cables and causing problems.

We’re told, crews are using multiple tools to solve the problem and it’s actually happened before in other locations. Last year, there was a similar problem along Airport and College along the Gulf Freeway.

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