Here is what it takes to fix potholes, according to TxDOT

GALVESTON, Texas – Have you ever wondered what it takes to get potholes fixed? Our Traffic Expert Anavid Reyes got her hands dirty getting this work done with the Texas Department of Transportation out in Galveston County.

TxDOT crews have to get their bodies prepared, especially during the hot summer months. They start with a little stretch and lots of water.

Unit leaders then go over the worksite locations before loading up and getting to work. For areas that will most likely be reconstructed in the near future, TxDOT crews use cold patch. It’s asphalt material that’s not heated and meant for temporary patchwork. This material doesn’t need an extended amount of time to cure, so the road can be opened faster.

The beauty of this pothole backfilling method is that vehicles can be allowed to drive over the pothole immediately after the task is completed.

If you want to report a pothole, TxDOT says to call 311 and your call will be directed to the right agency to get that pothole fixed as soon as possible.

City of Houston

Remember, for City of Houston roads, Mayor Turner rolled out his pothole repair initiative in 2016, which is aimed to fill potholes in just one day! In 2018, the initiative had managed to repair 100% of the reported potholes located within city jurisdiction by the next business day.

To keep up with the City of Houston’s pothole tracker and see where they stand in repairs today, click here.

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