Here are the updated traffic trends for Houston highways

HOUSTON – If your remote days are ending and you’re headed back to the office, here are the updated traffic trends on our Houston highways.

You may have noticed that the morning drive is slowing down, well here are the latest numbers according to Houston Transtar:

During peak morning rush-hour of May 31, traveling from Highway 6 to the North Freeway on Interstate 10 (a 20-mile drive).

  • 2021: 24 minutes
  • 2020: 17 minutes
  • 2019: 30 minutes

Here’s a quick breakdown of average speeds traveling inbound during peak morning rush-hour for the week of May 24, traveling on the same stretch of highway:

  • 2021: 46 mph
  • 2020: 62 mph
  • 2019: 38 mph
Houston Transtar data: Latest traffic trends
Houston Transtar Traffic trends

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