Here are a few quick, easy ways to save money at the pump

HOUSTON – You might be feeling a little pain at the gas pump, especially when you start seeing the number on the payment screen creep into the 40s and then into the 50s. KPRC 2 traffic expert Anavid Reyes shows you “ways 2 save” when filling up your tank.

Right of the bat, don’t use premium gas if your car doesn’t require it. You can spend up to $.20 to $.40 more on premium gas compared to a gallon of regular unleaded fuel. Experts at AAA say most cars don’t need the higher octane gas, it’s not going to boost your car’s fuel economy.

Have you heard of the app called “GetUpside?” This app is designed to help save you money, even helping you earn up to $.25 per gallon! Reyes tested it out and pumped gas using the app twice and has saved $4 so far.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the app.
  2. GetUpside reveals all of the gas stations near you that will give you cash back for every gallon of gas you buy.
  3. Choose the station where you want to fill up and “claim” the cash back offer.
  4. Drive to the station, check-in through the app and fill up your tank.

It’s worth noting if for some reason the app doesn’t recognize you’re at the selected gas station, you may need to physically take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app. It’ll take about 48 hours, for your earnings to show up in your GetUpside account.

You can use your rewards for gift cards to Target or Starbucks. You can also choose to have a check mailed to you.

People can also think about using public transportation for longer commutes to save money on gas.

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