Got an EZ TAG? Here are the toll fee changes you want to be aware of

Here are updates on recent toll fee changes.

HOUSTONQuestion:  What are the changes EZ TAG customers will see in terms of fees?

Answer: The Harris County Toll Road Authority has updated the EZ TAG Account holder agreement to provide a better customer service experience.

Customers can now:

·       Set their minimum prepaid toll balance (rebill amount) to $20 for up to two vehicles.  For reference, previously the minimum prepaid toll rebill amount was $40 for up to two vehicles.

·       There is no charge for new EZ TAGs (sticker tags) for up to eight per account; $2/each thereafter. For reference, previously it was $15 per tag.

·       HCTRA will provide future EZ TAG agreements digitally via email and also on our website

These details are summarized on our website at

Question:  How do these changes compare to what is in place before?

Answer: Please refer to the above response. New EZ TAG Accounts will automatically require a $20 prepaid toll deposit for up to two vehicles, as opposed to $40 previously required.  For EZ TAG Accounts already opened before this change, customers may log in at to manually set their rebill to the lower amount.

Question:  Will these fee changes benefit drivers as consumers?

Answer: Harris County has made it easier for drivers to obtain a pre-paid EZ TAG account, which is the most efficient way to pay tolls. EZ TAG account holders pay the lowest toll rate and may use their EZ TAG on toll roads throughout Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Drivers can sign up at or download the EZ TAG app.

Question:  Why did the change in agreement happen, what was the need?

Answer: In March, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris County Commissioners Court approved the suspension of cash collection in the lanes, and enacted measures to continue to provide service to non-account holders, including removing fees for paying after the fact and measures to make it easier to open an EZ TAG Account. The EZ TAG Agreement updates were approved as a permanent change by Harris County Commissioners Court on June 30, 2020. The changes to the agreement are intended to provide flexibility for new and existing EZ TAG account holders.