Say goodbye to toll stickers and hello to this easy-to-use app

Here is an app that helps drivers pay toll fees.

HOUSTON – Texas drivers can now ditch those toll stickers on their windshields and opt-in on a new toll app to pay their fees.

The green light has been given to Uproad, an app that allows drivers to pay tolls using new technology that eliminates the need for a transponder, the sticker on your windshield. Drivers can now use their mobile devices on toll roads and bridges in the state, as more people take to the roads versus air due to coronavirus during this busy summer travel season.

Uproad’s Andrew Peppard is based in Texas and to KPRC 2 about the benefits of this technology and how it can ease the stress of navigating toll roads.

The technology is user-friendly and drivers can easily sign up on the app, then use their mobile devices to pay as they go on most toll roads and bridges, like the Sam Houston Tollway and the Hardy Toll Road. Subscribers who don’t already have a toll payment account will receive toll discounts, but there is a small membership fee to get this perk. There is also a 15% transaction fee every time a toll is paid.

The technology lets drivers manage their account all in one place, without the headaches associated with toll prices, mischarges or mailed toll bills. And, the app’s Trip Calculator makes it convenient to budget for trips.

Trip example:

Traveling from Cypress, Texas to KPRC 2 on 8181 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074 you’ll end up paying: $3.50 plus 15% with a transaction fee: roughly $4.00

This phone app is a quick sign-up and you can use it on every toll road in Texas, California and Florida. Currently, there are 500 users in Texas as of August of this year.