Ask 2: Who comes up with timing for school zones?


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Question: Who comes up with timing for school zones?

Answer: Houston Public Works operates and maintains more than 1,500 school zones within the city of Houston. School zones with 20 miles per hour school speed limits are changed by request. Houston Public Works obtains school hours from the school districts and private schools prior to the beginning of each school year.

The flashing school beacons will be programmed to flash for the 2020-2021 school year intake and dismissal times.

Current City of Houston school zone timing:

  • Morning times - 45 minutes before drop off and 15 minutes after drop off
  • Evening times - 15 minutes before dismissal and 30 minutes after dismissal

Times may be longer if the school zone is shared by more than one school with different drop off/dismissal times and/or if a school has multiple drop off/dismissal times.

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