How are transit workers staying safe during COVID-19?

HOUSTON – Our transit workers risk their lives every day providing essential services to the public amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Traffic Expert Anavid Reyes spoke to transit agencies here in Houston to see what they’re doing to keep workers safe.

After speaking with the Texas Department of Transportation and Houston METRO, both understand the risks when performing these essential services.

In fact, in a press release sent out in May by METRO, there’s been a total of 17 METRO employees who’ve tested positive for COVID19.

Transportation entities say they are doing their best to protect their employees and provide the proper safety protocol to keep them protected on the job.

As soon as these agencies received information from the Center for Disease Control and what they should do in terms of proper hygiene, they say they hit the ground running.

“We went as far as, changing the announcements on our systems, reminding people, if you feel sick stay home, make sure you wash your hands, all that kind of information,” said Jerome Gray, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer with METRO.

For METRO, these new procedures started back in March. Since then, Gray says they’ve done even more, providing operators with protective equipment.

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