Alternate route for San Jacinto Bridge closure impacted after 18-wheeler hits cow, loses load

HOUSTON – One of the alternate routes for people coming in or out of the east side was closed after authorities said an 18-wheeler hit a cow.

According to authorities, the accident happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday on Highway 90 at Mercury Drive in northeast Houston. 

The 18-wheeler was traveling inbound on 90 when the driver hit a dead cow that was in the road, police said. 

Officers said the impact caused the truck to lose its load of plywood, which landed on a second vehicle.

According to the driver, the cow's body was in the road, but it was too dark, and he didn't see it in time to get out of the way. He said he only had time to maintain control of his truck.

"My truck is damaged and my load is all over the freeway, but my wife and I are OK," the driver said.

Nobody was hurt in the incident, but authorities said it would take a while to remove the cow and plywood from the road. 

Authorities had closed all inbound lanes as they work to cleanup the debris. One lane has since been reopened.

The area has been more heavily trafficked than usual due to the I-10 closure at the San Jacinto Bridge, officials said.

Two westbound and two eastbound lanes of the East Freeway at the San Jacinto Bridge have reopened, so drivers can now take that route again.

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