Spring gym making mark at Olympic trials led by Simone Biles, greatest gymnast of all time

ST. LOUIS – The journey wasn’t planned for these Houston-area gymnasts said things are working out well.

After just six years in operation, Spring’s World Champions Centre will have four athletes competing for a spot on the Olympic team in Tokyo.

Led by, Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast of all time, Jordan Chiles, Amari Drayton, and Zoe Miller will all step on the floor in St. Louis Friday evening.

“Proud is not good enough to just express the emotions that we feel,” said Simone’s mother Nellie Biles.

World Champions Centre is owned by Nellie and her husband, Ron Biles. From St. Louis, they told KPRC 2 that Simone’s presence plays a big role in the gym’s success -- but they also give much credit to their coaches, athletes and parents.

“The goal is to make sure I maximize our gymnasts to their potential,” said Nellie Biles.

Chiles’ parents are also in St. Louis. They said seeing their daughter, who’s been training for this moment since the age of four, is a dream come true for the entire family.

“She went from this little kid. Man I’m getting choked up,” said Jordan’s father Timothy trying to hold back tears. “This little kid doing flips and stuff in Walmart and Target. Couldn’t keep still, you know what I’m saying? And now she’s here.”

And what about Simone -- whom Jordan refers to as a big sister? Will this run for Tokyo be her last go at the Olympics?

Despite recent speculation -- Simone’s parents say don’t close the door just yet.

“It’s a possibility that she may continue to ’24,” said Simone’s father Ron. “But probably not as an all-around. I think that’s a bit much on your body so. We’ll just have to see what happens you know. It’s all on her.”

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