VIDEO: Fight breaks out between Rockets, Spurs fans at game in Houston

Video shows brawl between Spurs, Rockets fans at Houston game
Video shows brawl between Spurs, Rockets fans at Houston game

A close game between the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs appeared to create tension between some fans in attendance.

Videos uploaded to Twitter show a brawl between multiple people breaking out during Saturday night’s game at the Toyota Center.

A video obtained and edited by KPRC 2′s sister-station KSAT shows a group of Rockets fans who were presumably seated in section 114 crossing into section 113 where the other group of fans was seated and initiating violence.

The original social media video shows the Rockets fans being escorted out by security while the Spurs fans appeared to remain in the stands.

It is unclear what led to the incident or if anyone was seriously injured.

The Houston Police Department said the Rockets hire off-duty officers for security inside the building.

Sometimes rowdy fans are arrested, charged, and then there’s a case number, but more often than not, they’re simply escorted out of the building.  That’s likely what happened Saturday night, but Houston police wouldn’t know that without a case number or information from the Rockets, which police said they don’t have at this point.

KPRC 2 has left messages for the Rockets Sunday and Monday and has not received a response.

The Spurs beat the Rockets, 111-106.

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