Juan Soto is (finally) no longer 21 years old

HOUSTON – Find one Astros fan who has forgotten how old Juan Soto was during the 2019 World Series. I dare you.

It was like fingernails on a chalkboard for Houston fans when play-by-play announcer Joe Buck mentioned the Washington Nationals player’s age -- over and over again.

Soto turned 21 years old during Game 3 of the Astros-Nationals. Buck made sure to mention it. Repeatedly.

He continued to remind everyone during the following games as well.

“Anyone know how old Juan Soto is?” -- That was a common social media post from Astros fans during that series.

I even saw one Facebook post months after the Nationals defeated the Astros to become World Series Champions.

Okay, maybe we are a little bitter.

But Astros fans, today is the day we have been waiting for -- Juan Soto is now 22!

I should clarify: I’m not trolling Soto. (Happy birthday, Mr. World Series Champion)

He is innocent in all this ... A young athlete who just happened to be on the world’s largest baseball stage when he celebrated a milestone birthday.

But speaking on behalf of all Astros fans, we would simply like Joe Buck to know Juan Soto is no longer 21 years old. Finally!