FAMILY TRADITION: FB Austin's Tillman carries on athletic legacy

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While he's best known for sports broadcasting over the last 20 years on CBS, Fox and locally, Spencer Tillman is also a volleyball dad.

Daughter Bailey Tillman is the youngest of four daughters, who has tagged along with her two older sisters around the volleyball scene.

"I was eight-years old and my sister was trying out for the Houston Juniors," she said. "I was that little kid on an empty court just trying to hit the ball. I was serving over a regulation net and the coaches came over and said, you should play. That's how it started for me."

Tillman was the District 20-6A Defensive MVP as a junior. It's no surprise, however, having uber-athletic parents.

Spencer was a team captain for Oklahoma when the Sooners won the National Championship in 1985. He played two years of NFL football. Her mom ran track and was on the Sooner pom-squad.

"My parents just tell me to trust the process, especially in recruiting," she said. "My dad was just telling me the other day about leading a successful team. He was talking about how great teams are conductive. The team is energized by each of its players trying to accomplish the same goal. You have to perform when the pressure is the greatest and know your worth inside the team."

Pretty good advice, right?