Fans watch first in-person baseball game amid COVID-19 pandemic in Sugar Land

SUGAR LAND – It’s been so long since friends Caden Leftwich and Zach Rapp got to attend a baseball game in-person.

“I’m super excited to be here, baseball is my favorite,” said Leftwich.

“It doesn’t matter that we have to wear a mask, we just want to watch the game,” said Rapp.

“I’m excited because I haven’t been in so long,” said Julia Bevilacqua, there to watch her uncle Ford Proctor play.

The capacity was limited to 50% of fans or 1,700 people. Social distancing was required. you could only sit with your family. Masks were also a requirement. Fans were willing to follow these things if it meant baseball.

“It’s pretty exciting, I’m glad baseball is back and that they’re doing it. I have no fear of doing this whatsoever,” said Ralph Hall.

One of the exciting elements of the Constellation Energy League is that many of the players are from Minor League Baseball, which was canceled this season amid COVID-19 concerns.

Local Rice standout Trei Cruz and former first-round draft pick Courtney Hawkins are among the players that will spend the next two months playing at Constellation Field in Sugar Land.

“It’s amazing,” said Hawkins. “It’s going to go down in history regardless of whatever happens.”

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