Astros shortstop Carlos Correa visits Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

By Chip Brewster, Lea Wilson - Digital News Editor

HOUSTON - It’s a scene you don’t often see in Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital: more than 100 patients, parents and staff crowded into a waiting area, but there was calm before the chaos. However, the room erupted when Carlos Correa walked in Tuesday.

Correa helped make Astros history with its first World Series win Nov. 1. To top off the win, the 23-year-old star shared his spotlight when he proposed to this girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez, after the big game.

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“It’s just a great feeling to be able to see kids and when you get here they’re kind of shy and then all of a sudden they have big smiles and take a picture with you and they want to hug and a signature,” Correa said.

Kids like Heaven Sutton, who arguably had one of the cutest moments with Correa when he picked her up for a hug.

“Took a picture," Heaven said.

 "And did he sign your shirt?" said Heaven's mother, Chanell Sutton. "Alright. She said, 'Please let him sign my shirt. Please mommy, please, please.'"

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She was at the hospital because of severe asthma. After three days, she’s not only feeling better, but has something to make her older brother jealous.

“He’s 12. He’s a big, big Astros fan. She said he’s going to be so mad. Wait till I show him my shirt. Haha,” Heaven said.

Heaven isn’t the only one who snagged a moment with the world champion. In fact, Correa took the time to greet every child at the event. While the visit was actually his fiancée’s idea, it was obvious he was excited to do it.

Correa is no stranger to making little fans’ dreams come true. Earlier this month, he surprised 4-year-old Scarlett Sanchez at the KPRC 2 studio after she tweeted a heartbreaking video expressing her disappointment over the proposal.

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“For me it’s about using this platform to be able to impact other people’s lives and I think I’m doing that right now with these kids. You know you can see it on their faces. When they see you and they smile and they’re happy, that really fills me,” Correa said.

What may have been just another trip to the hospital has turned into a memory that these kids will have for their entire lives.

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