Hitting The Course: Q&A with Raema Lyda

Hitting The Course: Q&A with Raema Lyda (Copyright (c) 2022 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Runnin’ with Raema Lyda

VYPE: What was your goal last year?

LYDA: My goal last year was just to improve as a team and get closer. We ended up going to Regionals and we had one person go to State.

VYPE: What was that like to see all that hard work payoff?

LYDA: It was amazing. We get out here early in the morning and we spend so much time running. Running is such a mental sport. Just being able to work together and go to Regionals was just phenomenal. Seeing our hard work pay off and everything come together, including our freshman, was really rewarding.

VYPE: How did you get into the sport?

LYDA: Originally, I never ran. I wasn’t a runner. I play soccer and do track, and my coaches were like ‘Just try cross country’. I joined it and it is one of my favorites.

VYPE: When did you start playing soccer?

LYDA: I started playing soccer when I was very young. I only played soccer until my freshman year, and then I joined two other sports. It’s been my main sport my entire life. I lived somewhere else before and soccer was the only sport they had. My whole family plays, so it was just a family thing.

VYPE: What do you outside of sports?

LYDA: I’m in several clubs – Student Council, INTERACT, NHS and Cardinals for Christ – and I am pursuing cosmetology.

VYPE: What do you want your legacy to be?

LYDA: I just want to be known as a leader. Someone who people could look to and tell that she really gave everything. She put her heart into it. She was someone that gave everything they could and made a difference in the school and the world.