VYPE Line Lineup - Thursday 9/2/21

VYPE Line Lineup - Thursday 9/2/21 (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Join our VYPE Live crews for these Texas High School Football and Volleyball match-ups on Thursday, September 2:

5PM - Freshmen Football - Silver: Vandegrift vs. Ellison

6PM - Football: Marshall vs. Elkins

6:30PM - Football: Northbrook vs. Booker T Washington

7PM - Football: Eaton vs. Mansfield Legacy

7PM - Football: Hendrickson vs. Killeen

7PM - Football: Lee vs. Chavez

7PM - Football: Richland vs. Paschal

7PM - Football: Vista Ridge vs. Leander

7PM - Talk Show: Sports with VYPE, Episode 10

7PM - Freshmen Football - Black: Vandegrift vs. Ellison

7:30PM - Volleyball: St. Michael's vs. St. Mary's Hall