IT'S A FAMILY THING: Next Madison ready to take High School Stage by Storm

IT'S A FAMILY THING: Next Madison ready to take High School Stage by Storm (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

In the Madison household, sports aren't just a hobby, it's a way of life.

Dad, Lonnie, wakes ever every morning and heads to College Park High School to lead the Cavaliers football program. Mom, Leslie, coaches club volleyball in the city after an ultra-successful high school coaching career of state championships at The Woodlands.

Oldest daughter, Mallory, is entering her junior season at College Park as an outside hitter for the Lady Cavaliers and now middle child, Morgan, will join her with incoming football-playing, sixth grader Case in tow.

It's Madison family affair on College Park Drive.

"I'm just really happy because my family is there and then I'll get to be with my brother for a year too," Morgan said. "I'm super excited."

Morgan is the newest Madison on campus this fall, coming in as a promising freshman in the Cavaliers' volleyball program as a libero and defensive specialist.

Having a mother who played at SMU and has reached the pinnacle of being a high school coach leading a program to a National Championship doesn't put pressure on Morgan... instead it's fun!

"She works with and the coaches me, and since she knows the game so well, all three of us talk about [volleyball] all the time and we always watch it together," Morgan said. "I think it's more fun, it's not that much pressure on me."

The work has paid off as this offseason, Morgan, who plays her club ball with Houston Skyline, was named to the U15/16 US Girls National Team Development Program.

"When I saw that posted, it just meant so much because I love volleyball so much," Morgan said. "It was such an honor to get that from them."

As Morgan transitions into high school volleyball, she will have older sister Mallory there to help guide her.

"I think since we have such a great relationship at home - on the court it's going to be the same," Morgan said. "If I make a mistake, I know she'll be like 'hey, you've got the next'. I will do that for her too."

As far as her goals for year one?

"Some of my goals include just being a part of the team and contributing," she said. "I just want to have a really good season and have a lot of fun."