Are there too many mock NFL Drafts? Possibly, but they’re everywhere for a reason

Photo by Ronald Martinez
Photo by Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)

For many years now, it has seemed like the biggest source of debate for fans of the NFL Draft revolved around what happened during the draft itself.

But seemingly more and more each year, the water cooler discussions have shifted -- and the debates are focusing on more of a cultural phenomenon among NFL fans: Mock drafts.

For those not familiar, a mock draft is just predicting which player each team will select in the upcoming NFL Draft -- whether it’s just trying to predict the first round, the first three rounds, or all seven rounds.

Comedian Joey Mulinaro of Barstool Sports put together a hilarious spoof on the obsession with mock drafts last year, when he posted on Twitter a bit depicting a person who quit his job to focus on viewing mock drafts, and started his own podcast titled, “For Those About to Mock.”

Check out the bit below.

Make no mistake about it, mock drafts are EVERYWHERE.

Prominent national websites such as ESPN and the NFL Network don’t have just one designated person making one mock draft. They have several analysts who put together multiple mock drafts in the months and days leading up to the draft, essentially calling them “Version 1.0” or “Version 4.0.”

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