Matt Malatesta's Class of 2022 Super 60 1.0; 1-10

Matt Malatesta's Class of 2022 Super 60 1.0; 1-10
Matt Malatesta's Class of 2022 Super 60 1.0; 1-10 (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

The Super 60 is complete.

These are the best of the best in Houston. The Can't-Miss kids who every college in the nation is coveting. It's all about positioning, however, as VYPE's Matt Malatesta puts his Top 10 in order.

The Class of 2022 is a special one, who we'll be watching on Saturdays to come. Maybe even beyond.

The Super 60





No. 10 Kameron Dewberry, Atascocita, OL

Kam Dewberry has been a thing since his freshman season when he started getting offers from SEC schools. The Under Armour All-America selection is a beast as a run and pass blocker. Great feet, great hands. He learned from one of the best in Texas A&M star Kenyon Green, who will be a pro. He will likely follow in Green's footsteps to Aggieland.

No. 9 PJ Williams, Dickinson, OL, Texas A&M-commit

At 6-foot-4, Williams is an athletic OL that will put on weight. He plays hoops now but once he gets in a college weightroom and focus solely on football - he will be able to put on 40 pounds. His frame can handle it. Williams has been offered by everyone in the country and has a ton of upside.

No. 8 Chris Marshall, Fort Bend Marshall, WR

Iron sharpens iron at Fort Bend Marshall. Chris Marshall was talked into playing football last season by? Former teammate Devon Achane, who is on the verge of being a superstar at Texas A&M. The 6-foot-3 hooper has great ball skills and uses his body to find the football. He's so athletic and is just scratching the surface. He will also join his buddy Achane at Texas A&M.

No. 7 Malick Sylla, Katy, DE, Texas A&M-commit

At 6-foot-6, 230-pounds, Sylla's best football is also in front of him. As he matures into his body, he will put on 20-30 pounds of good weight. He can run, knock down passes and pursue ball-carriers on the outside. He missed some games last season to injury. If he gets right, imagine how good the Katy defense will be. He can be unblockable at times.

No. 6 Kris Ross, North Shore, DE, Texas-commit

Ask coaches who the "baddest man" they played against last year and most will say Kris Ross. At 6-foot-3, 280-pounds, he is an OL, QB and RBs worst nightmare. He can run, he's huge and very physical. Texas got a great one. He might grow to an interior lineman, but he's athletic enough to play outside.

No. 5 Harold Perkins, Cy Park, Athlete

Just watch Harold Perkins' first play on his highlight video. It's simply not fair as he tackles a ball carrier and rips the ball away from him and runs for a touchdown. This dude play outside LB, RB and WR... not because Cy Park is short on players but because he's a freak at each position. I don't know where he plays in college but it doesn't mater. He can play where ever he wants.

No. 4 Jaydon Blue, Klein Cain, RB, Texas-commit

Running backs are dinosaurs in the game of football, right? Wrong. Especially is it's Jaydon Blue. Blue has the size, strength and versatility that today's RB needs. He's an every down guy, who is dangerous catching the football. He has some wiggle and is explosive, so DO NOT square up because he will leap over you and mow you over. Period. He's got a nasty stiff-arm as well.

No. 3 Kelvin Banks, Summer Creek, OL

Take it to the Bank... this guy is someone you want to build a college offensive line around. He's serious about his craft and is not flashy. He PUTS IN THE WORK. At 6-foot-5, 300-pounds, Banks has "No Chill" on the football field even though he's a delight off the field. Banks can go anywhere he wants, but is a Texas A&M lean. Good buddies with Dewberry and that would make a serious package.

No. 2 Denver Harris, North Shore, DB

When you design a corner, you want the measurables of Denver Harris. At 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Harris can turn and run, cover, support the run and has great hands. He's special and has played a ton of varsity football at the signature program in the state. He was the District Defensive MVP... as a corner? Like all North Shore players, this guy is a polished college-ready player who is PHYSICAL.

No. 1 Conner Weigman, Bridgeland, QB, Texas A&M-commit

Now more than ever, THE position in football is the QB. Just look at the NFL Draft and the movement around getting a QB. Well, Weigman is the best there is around these parts. He's a MLB baseball prospect so his arm is always in shape. He should run track but that interferes with baseball because this guy can move. His athletic acumen is off the charts and so is his competitiveness. He thinks he is the best player on any field at any time... and he probably is. The Texas A&M-commit will try and pull a Kyler Murray and play both sports in college. He's a 5-star and a killer competitor.