Texans’ Deshaun Watson versus Jane Doe: Inside the lawsuit filed by massage therapist

HOUSTON – In an eight-page lawsuit filed by attorney Tony Buzbee against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, a female licensed massage therapist, identified as Jane Doe, claims the athlete assaulted her during a March 2020 appointment at her home by touching her with his penis.

The lawsuit, filed in Harris County District Court, claims Watson contacted the massage therapist via Instagram to set up an appointment.

“Plaintiff found it somewhat peculiar that an NFL player would request a massage from her, because she is not yet a well-known masseuse and it was her belief that a player like Watson likely had access to an entire team of trainers and the like,” the lawsuit reads. “… Plaintiff was excited and encouraged that a local professional football player would seek her services.”

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When Watson and the massage therapist set up the appointment, the lawsuit claims, Watson described a massage for relaxation and asked via texts whether she was “comfortable with certain areas (his) organization is making (him) get worked on,” the documents show. Watson also asked whether the woman would be home alone during the March 30, 2020 appointment, documents say.

Watson said he wanted the massage to focus on his groin area and that she only use her hands, the lawsuit says. About 25 minutes into the appointment the masseuse claims in the lawsuit that she “began to feel extremely uncomfortable” and that “it became apparent that Watson wanted the massage for only one reason – sex.” As the woman tried to find a way out of the situation, the lawsuit claims Watson continued to tell her how to touch him the way he wanted. “Several times he specifically kept trying to direct her to his penis,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit claims he eventually exposed himself from underneath a towel and touched her with his penis.

The woman, crying, said she wanted him to leave, the lawsuit claims. In response, Watson threatened her, saying, “I know you have a career and a reputation, and I know you would hate for someone to mess with yours, just like I don’t want you messing with mine,” the lawsuit reads.

Watson eventually left her home and apologized via text, the lawsuit says. Documents claim she eventually received referrals from two other NFL player. “It was clear to Plaintiff that Watson failed to understand how his behavior affected her,” the documents say.

The massage therapist is seeking “minimal compensatory damages” and has “suffered mental anguish as a result of Watson’s behavior,” the lawsuit reads. The lawsuit says she has always been a professional, but at times blames herself. The lawsuit says she has suffered panic attacks and suffers from depression and anxiety – all of which she is seeking counseling to address, the lawsuit claims.

The woman wants to “raise awareness” of Watson’s behavior “and those like him from engaging in further conduct with further victims,” according to the suit.

The lawsuit alleges Watson of assault, indecent assault and harassment.

In addition to actual damages, the woman seeks punitive damages, and “such damages are not subject to capping,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and notes that the plaintiff “made a good faith effort to resolve this matter prior to the filing of this lawsuit.”

The lawsuit outlines that all evidence – including electronic data, mapping data and location data – be preserved and maintained as it relates to this incident.

Read the full lawsuit (redacted for privacy reasons) below.

Watson has responded to the allegations. Watson said he has not seen the complaint made against him, but says he has never treated any woman with anything other than “upmost respect” and looks forward to clearing his name. Read his full response here.

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