Members of 1960 Crosby football team hope this year’s squad can finish what they started

The 1960 team still reflects fondly on that season

CROSBY, Texas – As Larry Wiggins looks through the scrapbook his mother made him many years ago, he’s reminded of his trip to state as a football player in 1960.

“When we went into the playoffs, the whole town went,” said Wiggins, smiling. “They turned off the lights and came to the ball games.”

Wiggins and Willie Janik were teammates on that Crosby football team, and rave about the chemistry and brotherhood that team has kept throughout the years. Now, Crosby is heading back to State for the first time since their 1960 run, and that brings back a lot of good memories.

“It brings good feelings because we know during that time it was a special time, and it gave us a chance to get to know each other better,” Janik said.

That group has had reunions and stayed close. Although it was a magical ride, that 1960 did end up losing the state game. Now, Janik and Wiggins hope this group can finish what they started.

Star wide receiver Reggie Branch appreciates their support.

“We’re excited to finish what somebody else wasn’t able to finish, and having the chance to do that is amazing,” Branch said.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing, and I wish them the very best. I would love to see them bring this title home and finish the job that we didn’t,” Janik said.

There’s no doubt the small town of Crosby will be supporting their boys, just like they did six decades ago.

“It’s one of those things we’ve been waiting 60 years for,” Wiggins said.