Dynamo to host FC Dallas at BBVA Stadium

It will be the Dynamo's first match at BBVA Stadium in over five months


The Houston Dynamo will once again play a match at their home venue, BBVA Stadium.

Houston will host their in-state rivals, FC Dallas, on Friday, August 21. It will be the first match played at BBVA in over five months.

Head Coach Tab Ramos said the team is happy to be back.

“It is definitely a lot more comfortable for everybody to be with their families. I know the players were very happy to compete, having slept in their own bed, be in their own market, makes it a lot more easier and exciting for them,” said Ramos.

This will be much different than the bubble the team experienced in Orlando.

“I think the bubble was a good standard for everyonee,” said Ramos. “Obviously difficult to maintain in your own market, but I think it gave players an opportunity to see some of the difficulties and some of the challenges they have to think about. I think they prepared themselves well. I think they did a great job and it helped them in their transition now to their home markets. Now they are use to testing, to knowing what they can touch, the things they have to be careful with. I think the players did a great job and are now prepared to compete in their home markets.”

Saturday, the MLS announced their plan to continue the 2020 season, which will feature 18 matches from late August through Decision Day on November 8.

Added to the two matches clubs played prior to the suspension of the season and three group-stage matches in the MLS Is Back Tournament, which counted toward regular-season records, clubs will each play 23 matches in the season.

Heavy precautions will be taken for safety. Teams will take chartered flights, and for the majority of road trips will arrive in the host market on matchday and depart after the match later that evening.

The Dyanamo resume play with a cumulative record of 0-2-3 on the season.