Art Howe released from hospital after battling CoVid19

(KPRC 2/

HOUSTON – Great news to pass along regarding the health of former Astros Manager and player Art Howe, After battling the Coronavirus for the past two weeks Howe has been released from the hospital.

Howe spoke with KPRC Channel 2 Sunday afternoon after his release.

“I had to meet several factors to get to go home which I did. Things like fever and oxygen levels," said Howe.

Howe first started feeling symptoms two weeks ago on a Sunday and by that Tuesday he had tested positive for the Coronavirus. He went into quartantine but the symptoms continued and this past week he was admitted to a local hospital and spent a few days in ICU for treatment.

“I am still having problems with my taste buds but hopefully that will improve,” said Howe.

Now for Howe it is time to continue to recover and get as much rest as possible in the days ahead.

" I am just so happy to be home. I appreciate all the care I received at the hospital. It is good to be home and around my family."