Astros culture brought into question by critics

Leadership consultant gives opinion on how Astros can move forward

HOUSTON – The sign-stealing fallout has brought into question the culture inside the Houston Astros organization.

Critics of the team labeling the Astros cheaters.

KPRC 2 spoke with Peter Linden, the Vice President of Leadership Consulting Group, INC., to find out how the Astros might move forward and what they might do to change the way the teams currently being viewed.

How do the Astros move on from this?

“Walk the talk for a while, folks aren’t going to instantly turn the switch. You have to show everyone exactly what this means and from a stigma point of view you have to go out and perform on the field in this case,” Linden said.

Did Astros owner Jim Crane make the right move by firing general manager Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch?

“The owner, Mr. Crane stepped up, alright we’re going to do something about this. All the stuff beforehand how it got to his level of knowledge I don’t know but he was decisive. He took action and now he has set the tone going forward,” Linden said.

How do you set the tone?

"Clarity within the organization of what’s important,” Linden said. "A basic premise and old marketing thing is tell them, tell them, and tell them again. The leaders have to do that. People are very sensitive to what their executives are doing, the ways they act and behave.”

Can there be anything positive taken from this situation?

“Sometimes you get an opportunity to refresh and reset and this is the time to reaffirm, perhaps values that were always in place,” Linden said.