Amy Cole defends Gerrit after Game 7 interview backlash

HOUSTON – Fans had a lot ot say about Gerrit Cole's attitude post-Game 7, and his wife wasn't having it.

Amy Cole went to Twitter to defend her husband against one Astros fan who was disappointed in the pitcher's post-game interview attire, particularly his hat that displayed the logo of Boras Corp., ​​​​the company that will represent the now free agent.

According to the pitcher's wife, Cole has been wearing the hat throughout the season.


The conversation started when David Morant shared in a tweet "I used to love him [Gerrit], but because of that I despise him now." 

Cole then responded with the following tweet to Morant.


After the Twitter-war, the free agent pitcher shared an open letter to fans in Houston thanking them for their support during his time with the Houston Astros.

"Playing in front of you is really something special and has been such an honor," Cole wrote.




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