'This was a great season': Gerrit Cole thanks Houston in letter to fans

HOUSTON – Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole may not be part of the team next season, but he had a lot of nice things to say about Houston on Thursday in what sure sounded like a farewell.

After the Astros’ heartbreaking 6-2 loss Wednesday to the Washington Nationals in Game 7 of the World Series, Cole tweeted a letter to the Bayou City. He reflected on the game, his short time with the Astros and the enthusiasm of fans.

“Houston, last night was a tough one for us and the heartbreak hasn’t gotten any easier today,” Cole wrote. “Before I became an Astro I didn’t know much about Houston, but after just two years you have made it feel like home.”

Cole went on to write about Houston’s world-renowned hospitality.

 “You have been overwhelmingly friendly, welcoming, and kind to my family and me,” Cole wrote.

“Playing in front of you is really something special and has been such an honor. The incredible support and passionate roars inspire our team to play at (the) highest level we possibly can. This is a relationship between a team and (its) fans like no other that I know.”

Despite Wednesday’s disappointing loss, Cole, who is moving into free agency next season, ended the letter by bragging about the Astros’ season.

“This was a great season,” Cole wrote. “We have a lot to be proud of.”

Read the full text of Cole’s letter in the tweet below.



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