Houston-area jewelry company gifts Alex Bregman's girlfriend special No. 2 necklace


HOUSTON – Tonight, as the Houston Astros face off against the Washington Nationals for the 2019 World Series title, ‘Stros fans across the country will don their Astros gear to support their team. Astros third baseman Alex Bregman’s girlfriend, Reagan Howard, will likely rep some extra special ‘Stros  swag: a necklace with Bregman’s uniform number on it.

Houston-area jewelry company JordanLovesJames Jewelry gifted the Astros-inspired necklace to Howard ahead of Game 7. Howard modeled jewelry for the company a few years ago.

“When she told me she was dating Alex ,I happily gifted her some Astros-inspired jewelry to wear to games,” company owner Jordan Jackson said.

Since Howard shared her custom No. 2 necklace on an Instagram story, wives of other Astros team members have reached out to Jackson for their own custom Astros jewelry, Jackson said.


Astros fans can order custom ‘Stros bling here

The Conroe-based jewelry company offers an assortment of products, including custom designs. Buy JordanLovesJames pieces from over 50 retailers in three states or order it online at http://www.jordanlovesjamesjewelry.com.

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