Praying for a win: Woman shows team spirit by selling Astros-colored rosaries

HOUSTON – Some people are turning to prayer as the Astros fight to win another World Series championship.

"You can say, ‘Dear Jesus, if it's OK with you, could the Astros win and our faith will be illuminated through this win,'" said Elsie Hernandez, with Our Lady's Productions.

Hernandez started selling the rosaries featuring the Astros' team colors back in 2017 before the team's first World Series Championship.

Each one is different, and features orange, blue, crystal and stars.

"They're all very beautiful, and they're all so unique and you're not gonna find these anywhere else," said Hernandez. "People will sometimes try to imitate, but it's not the real deal."

These rosaries are the real deal; one even made it to Pope Francis in the Vatican last year.

Hernandez goes to different churches and festivals, and is now offering them in the Charity Guild of Catholic Women Shop in Montrose, where 50% of the proceeds go to schools and organizations around Houston.

"It's just the idea of some way to connect. I believe that's what it is," said Hernandez.

Hernandez said they've had people from all different religions buy the rosaries.

People can order a rosary online and get more information at Ourladysproductions.com.

Others can buy one in person at The Charity Guild of Catholic Women Shop at 1203 Lovett Blvd. Houston. Their website is Charityguildshop.org.