He's been right so far! Astros fortune-teller predicts Game 6 of World Series

HOUSTON – Brandon Del Castillo is an insurance lawyer by day and a predictor of the future by night. His Astros win predictions for the past two games were right on the money. 

On Saturday, just a little over an hour and a half before the game, Del Castillo tweeted his prediction, assuring fans a win and calling the game, "The Bregman Game."



His Sunday tweet two hours before the game mentions how Gerrit Cole will dominate and says that Springer and Yordan will contribute big-time to the game. Then he goes on to say the Astros will lead 3-2.



“My daughter and I looked at each other a little bit after that Springer home run. I thought that was a little eerie,” said Del Castillo. 

Castillo’s Twitter followers started to call him him the name Astrodamus, after the infamous 1500s Nostradamus, who was known for writing a book predicting future events. While Brandon doesn't plan on publishing books of predictions anytime soon, he does have a prediction for Game 6.

“Justin Verlander is going to pitch really well. There is going to be some dramatics at the end, Will Harris is going to come up big but, in the end, Astros win in Game 6. Are we winning the World Series? We are winning the World Series,” said Del Castillo.