You may be surprised how much Game 7 tickets are going for

How much are World Series tickets now that the series are tied 3-3?

HOUSTON – Prices for Game 7 tickets dropped after the Houston Astros fell 7-2 to the Washington Nationals on Tuesday evening.

There are more than 6,000 tickets still available for Game 7. StubHub reports a 145 percent ticket sale increase since Tuesday.

Prices for Game 6 tickets had increased after the Astros beat the Nationals on Sunday, but now that the series are tied 3-3 the prices have gone down.

For Game 6 on Tuesday, the lowest priced ticket cost shy of $700 before taxes and fees for a standing room only. Now, fans can purchase a standing room only ticket for $340.

Before Game 5 on Sunday, prices for Game 6 tickets started around $400 for a seat in the 400s level. Now, a ticket in the 400s level starts at $356.25.

Astros fans hoping to attend the final game of the World Series should still prepare to pay big bucks for a ticket. 

Here's the price breakdown:

Official MLB Partner Stubhub:

SRO: $340 - $2,200

View Deck: $365 - $5,250

Terrace: $400 - $2,500

Mezzanine: $451.25 - $1,500

Club: $643.57 - $5,000

Bullpen Box: $525 - $4,000

Crawford Box: $600 - $7,000

Field Box: $505 - $6,750

Dugout Box: $850 - $6,500

Diamond Club: $6,050 - $12,000 

If you're determined to get in to Game 7 on Wednesday, here are some tips from Stubhub.

There's still a chance for the Astros to take it back in Game 7 of the World Series. The team will take on the Nationals on Wednesday evening at Minute Maid Park. 

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