Astros fans in New York celebrate after Game 3 win


NEW YORK – Houston fans celebrated in New York after the Astros beat the Yankees in Game 3 on Tuesday.

“It’s awesome. We’re right where we need to be,” Phil Pace said.

With the win, the Astros took the lead in the ALCS 2-1.

“Let’s keep winning. One game at a time,” Tom said.

Nguyen Le hasn’t missed a postseason game since 2015 and was in the crowd sporting his lucky jacket.

“We took their best shot (in) Game 1. We dusted ourselves off and we punched back harder,” Le said.

It wasn’t just fans from Houston throwing on their orange gear in a sea of navy pinstripes.

“We’re from San Antonio, she’s from College Station and we just had to make the trip out here,” Patty Gonzalez said. “Amazing, amazing, too bad Yankees, the Astros took this one. We’re so glad we’re here.”

No matter where they were from, Astros supporters were more confident the Houston boys were going to win the series.

“I wanted to come because I wanted to see the Astros beat the Yankees,” AJ Bonick said.