5 things to know about Rockets trade for Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook (Getty Images)

HOUSTON – After 11 years, Russell Westbrook's run is over in Oklahoma City. He wanted to be moved after Paul George bolted for the Clippers, and a rebuild is not something Westbrook wanted to be a part of. 

The Thunder didn't hesitate to honor his request.

He is and will forever be The King in OKC for how he elevated the franchise during his time with the Thunder.

Houston reportedly edged out Miami to land him, and GM Daryl Morey got it done and unloaded Chris Paul in the process.   

Paul staying in OKC is highly unlikely, though. Many believe Miami could be his final landing spot in the weeks ahead. 

Here are five things to know about the Rockets' trade:

1. James Harden and Russell Westbrook have been ranked first and second in usage percentage the past five seasons.

2. Harden and Westbrook, both MVPs in the last three seasons, played together for three years in OKC and went to NBA Finals, losing to Lebron James. Both had a desire to reunite again.

3. Westbrook is 30 years old and still a really good player at this stage, but will he still demand the ball just like Harden?

4. Mike D'Antoni will be charged with making this work both offensively and defensively all while coaching in the final year of his contract.

5. Westbrook has four years and $171 million left on his contract as he arrives in Houston.

I will add a No. 6 for good measure: Owner Tilman Fertitta desires one thing and one thing only, and that's a championship.

New odds are out in Las Vegas, and the Rockets have moved up to 7/1, still behind the Lakers, Clippers and Bucks.

There are concerns about if this duo can excel together. We will soon find out. The Rockets believe it will work.

Stay tuned.