13 of the Houston Texans' most famous fans

Celebrities include Dennis Quaid, Simone Biles, Paul Wall

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As the NFL season gets underway, we thought we'd take a look at some of the more well-known Houston Texans fans who have made their allegiances known.

Some of these are a bit more obvious, but perhaps we'll surprise you with one or two of these celebs on our list. And you can take solace in the fact that next time you're cursing at your TV, angry about the latest holding penalty, maybe Jim Parsons is right there with you -- in spirit, at least.

1.) Dennis Quaid


The actor, a Houston native, has reportedly been spotted at Texans games over the years.

2.) Joel Osteen


Osteen, the megachurch pastor, confirmed in 2015: "I'm a big Texans fan, mainly, but I love playing football or watching football and (playing) sports."

3.) George Foreman


There have been some questions about who the former heavyweight champion REALLY favors: the Cowboys or the Texans. But Foreman has been photographed in a Houston jersey, and he even held a "Go Texans" towel before doing the coin toss at the AFC Wild Card Playoff game at NRG Stadium in 2016. So, safe to say, he has to root for the team with at least some of his heart, right?

4.) Rico Rodriguez


It's true -- "Manny" from "Modern Family" loves the Texans. And it appears Houston loves him back -- the team made him a home-field advantage captain for a game vs. the Titans in 2016. (Gloria would be so proud).

5.) Simone Biles


The gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast has even taken the field as an honorary Houston Texans cheerleader for the day. Maybe she even taught the cheer team a thing or two about tumbling, who knows?

6 and 7.) Mark and Scott Kelly


The astronaut brothers are among the celebrity fans who've attended Texans games.

8.) Jim Parsons


Parsons definitely doesn't shy away from the topic of his hometown. Whenever Houston comes up, the actor seems more than happy to give his city some love.

Although Parsons hasn't been a Texans fan for his entire life, he told Sports Illustrated that he's certainly come around in recent years. "These days, anytime J.J. Watt swats down a pass, it ranks real high up there for me," the Houston Press quoted him as saying in the magazine.

9.) Jose Altuve


Just like Rodriguez, the Astros second-baseman has also been named home-field advantage captain at a Texans game. MLB.com, which called Altuve "arguably the most popular Houston athlete this side of J.J. Watt," said that when Altuve took the field at NRG in October 2016, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Altuve wore a No. 27 Texans jersey with his name on the back, and can you believe he hadn't even been to a game before? "I've watched the games on TV, but this is my first Texans game, and I'm excited," Altuve said.

10.) Paul Wall


When Texans all-time leading receiver Andre Johnson moved on to the Indianapolis Colts, it was reported that some fans were going as far as to burn their jerseys. (Harsh).

Wall responded to the controversy on Instagram, saying, Andre Johnson is one of the realest in the NFL. He's not just a hall of fame athlete, he's a real solid dude that always gives back to the community. Whoever did this is wrong and probably not a real Texans Fan. We ride wit our team, but we don't turn on our back on our people. If you wanna burn something, go burn the GM and owner jersey, and/or whoever thought it was a good idea to let him go. If u a real Texans fan don't disrespect a Texan Legend #team80 #RealTexanFan4Life

11.) Bun B


The Port Arthur rapper is a regular at Rockets, Astros and Texans games, according to published reports.

12.) Slim Thug


The Houston rapper was joined by Wall and Chamillionaire in 2012 as the group performed before the Texans' big playoff appearance.

13.) Booker T


The WWE Hall-of-Famer called himself a "huge" Texans fan as he joined Sean and Rich. Booker T is a proud Houston native and he's also served as an honorary team captain for the team.


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