Post Oak Little League team embraces support ahead of elimination game

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – The Little League team from Houston has gathered quite the fan base in Williamsport.

People from all across the country have asked the young players for autographs or bought Southwest jerseys to support the team.

One fan from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, said he purchased an orange and yellow jersey because the team scored a lot of home runs.

“They picked our team to cheer for and it was fun to see it," said parent Karen West.

The 13 baseball players from Post Oak Little League have carved out quite a name for themselves in the baseball world, and they said they realized what a unique experience their time in Williamsport is.

“This is a really big deal and is really important to a lot of people," said shortstop Kaleb Rook.

The team is preparing to take on Georgia at 7 p.m. Monday.

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