What you need to know about buying Astros' World Series tickets


HOUSTON – The Astros are in Houston for Games 3, 4 and 5 of the World Series. It's not exactly like facing a 100 mph fastball to get tickets to one of the games, but we're here to help so you don't strike out.

Below are answers to some of ticket questions:

Do the prices stay the same?

No, according to Kayla Ramsey of Houston Ticket Store, a secondary market seller of Astros tickets. The Astros have sold out of their tickets, which were at set prices. To get tickets now, you can check out secondary market sellers like Stub Hub, Vivid, Seat Geek and Houston Ticket Store to get tickets. The prices are fluctuating.  

If you bought a ticket to Game 3 of the World Series at Minute Maid Wednesday, the price was a couple hundred dollars cheaper than Thursday. As of Thursday morning, tickets in the nosebleed seats were around $800 plus fees. By  Thursday night, Ramsey expects those same seats to be about $1,200.

What can I do to get cheaper seats?

Shop around, Ramsey said. Like airline tickets, the price of Astros World Series home game tickets are different from ticket seller to ticket seller. The fees can be different, too, so be sure to ask about that.

Speaking of fees, is there any way to get around them?

Ramsey said to try calling the ticket sellers directly that will cut out some of the fees of ordering your tickets online.

World Series Ticket Trends

World Series Ticket Trends by the Team at Vivid Seats, your premier online source for World Series tickets.

How can I avoid being bamboozled by fake tickets?

Ramsey said don't by your tickets on Craigslist or sources that seem unreliable. She also does not recommend buying them from the random ticket seller standing outside of the stadium. Most tickets now are printed PDFs that dishonest sellers can print again and again. She said if you do go that route, ask them to walk you to the gate. You'll know as soon as your ticket is scanned, if it's the real deal.  

Another red flag, Ramsey said, is if an online ticket seller says the tickets aren't available until the day of the game. A legitimate ticket seller should be able to send you the PDF right away.

So the tickets still seem too expensive...what else can I do?

Ramsey recommends finding someone who owns season tickets and seeing if they will sell them to you for a couple hundred dollars.

She also said you could try and wait until after the game starts ticket prices usually fall after the first pitch.

But again, if you buy a ticket from someone standing outside the park that is a risk. You don't know if you're getting legitimate tickets or not until it's scanned.  

Prime seats -- how much are they really?

Ramsey said seats behind the Astros dugout in the first three to 10 rows are going for $3,000 to $6,000 apiece.

If you like the luxury boxes, which hold about 20 people, the cost is about $2,000 a person, making it a $40,000 bill.  

No matter where you watch the game, enjoy and Go 'Stros!

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