Texans fans travel to see training camp in West Virginia

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Even though the Texans have moved their training camp 1,200 miles from Houston, they have plenty of fans who have followed them here to The Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

"We've had season tickets from day one," Carol Rapp said.

Rapp and her husband, John, live in Crosby.

When they learned the Texans would be in West Virginia for training camp, they altered their east coast travel plans to include a stop to see their favorite team practice.

"The quarterbacks look good," Carol said. "All three of them look good."

Even though they've been season ticketholders since the Texans' first season, this is the first training camp session the couple has attended.

"It's something I'll probably remember until I'm gone," John said. "But it's really interesting."

WATCH: A look at White Sulphur Springs

There's also plenty of Texans merchandise to purchase. You have to have a football or a jersey for J.J. Watt or DeAndre Hopkins to sign.

For some fans this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Moule family came to Thursday's practice with family and friends to see their son's favorite players.

They live in North Carolina after recently moving from London.

While Nicky is the only diehard Texans fan among them, they all enjoy the thrill of watching top-flight athletes in person.

"We're big rugby fans and we became big NFL fans as well," Nicky's father, Steve, said. "So it's great to come here and see this and see these professional athletes playing."

And even though West Virginia is not what you would consider Houston Texans territory, they've had about 100 or more fans at each of their first two training sessions in a relatively secluded location.

West Virginia doesn't have any pro sports teams, so having the Texans in town is something big for the folks there.

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