I remember when

It wasn't tough to figure the TEXANS would win their game. It was even easier to figure the STEELERS would take out Miami. So the scene is set.

This coming Saturday night the Texans will try not to look too outclassed by the PATRIOTS. If I thought Houston had a chance I WOULD SAY SO.  Osweiler vs. Brady? As I stated last Friday, "yea, that's tough to call". My last visit there was a season ender for Houston. Not even J.J. had much to say after that one and Kubes simply told me "I can't believe the season is over". I remember telling him "I can't believe I have to get up at 5am to catch a plane". I am about comfort. Nothing in NEW ENGLAND'S HOME PARK is comfortable. The visitors locker room is a dump and the visitors are most often really dumped on the field.

I wish I could tell you even the press room clam chowder is bad, but it isn't. The reporters from Boston and Providence will fill the room with unique accents and that "know it all" attitude. Houston reporters will welcome each other to "The Last Supper". THE TEXANS have now won 10 times but 8 of those under the roof that never opens. Gillette Stadium will be rocking for their guys who ALWAYS beat Houston at their place. The 2 teams have met 8 times with N.E. winning 7 and losing one. That one loss at Reliant just over 7 years ago. It was the game Wes Welker blew out his knee on the lousy surface. Bill , the Pats, amiable coach led a charge to get Houston to use the new artificial stuff.

Almost 4 months ago the PATS beat the TEXANS 27-0 in week 3.  "SO WHAT?that was 4 months ago" you might say. You are right. Tom Brady was suspended for that game. GO ROCKETS.