Sisters face off in new HS volleyball rivalry

HOUSTON – It was a busy night of high school volleyball in Pearland earlier this month.

Manvel took on the new school in the district, Shadow Creek.

But there was a special storyline on this court.

“I just want to win that’s all,“ said Evetta Soma. “I don’t care who is on the other side.”

“I think,” added younger sister Grace. “It motivates me to crush her team.”

This was a battle between the Soma sisters.

“It is kind of like I’m the older sister so I have more experience than you type of thing,” said Evetta.

Evetta, who is the president of the Manvel Honor Society, and Grace have big roles on their teams. On this night, however, the sibling rivalry was pushed aside.

“Normal game except, a relative on the other side,” said Grace.

This was about winning a match.

“It’s always like a rivalry thing, it’s like, 'I am better than you and now I can say I really am better than you because I really know,'” said Evetta
In the stands were their proud parents, riding the emotional roller coaster.

“I kind of don’t know who to cheer for so I cheer for them individually,” said their Mother Tara.

Their father, Ikki, added, “Tonight we will get home. One girl is going to happy and one girl is going be sad.”

Manvel won the match 3-0, but a rivalry was born between the two schools and on the court between Evetta and Grace.

So is she better than you?

“Yes, no, yes, no, definitely I’m better. We’ll see,” both Evetta and Grace said jokingly.