Dobie High School bowling team invited to 2016 Bowling National Championship

PASADENA, Texas – Dobie High School has punched their ticket to the big time, as the boys and girls bowling teams have been invited to the 2016 Bowling National Championship. The best teams in the country will be headed to Fort Lauderdale to compete as well as promote the importance of high school bowling. Reaching those heights is impressive enough, but having both the boys and girls teams succeed, is truly something special.

"Both of our boys and girls teams finished 8th is state this year, and it's one of the first times that any state at the tournament has had the same boys and girls team in the state championship and make it to the finals," says senior bowler Daniel Harder.

The team says they've been able to succeed not only because of their experience playing the game, but also because they've bonded together as friends and support each other.

"If we make a mistake we just tell each other, we can do better and just try to motivate each other to do better," says sophomore bowler Monica Zabala.

It's no surprise that the road to the national championship wasn't easy, but the team also had to raise the funds in order to compete.

"I never thought I could make it happen, but I spread the word and made everybody get on board. As soon as I got that happening everything started flowing and we got fundraising going," says senior bowler Robert Lazo.

Head coach Russell Harder believes the team will proudly represent their school and has what it takes to go all the way: "I think they're going to represent not only the Pasadena school district, but the city of Houston very well. We've go a lot of high caliber bowlers on our team so we're ready to get out there and show the nation what we have."

The team will be competing in the National Championship on July 30 and 31.