'Factory of sadness': Trolls bash 0-3 Houston Texans on Wikipedia

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor

This image taken from Wikipedia on Sept. 24, 2018, shows the Houston Texans being referred to as a "factory of sadness."

HOUSTON - You could call this a story of ultimate Monday morning quarterbacking.

The Houston Texans 27-22 loss to the New York Giants on Sunday at NRG Stadium seems to have been the last straw for someone, or possibly several someones.

A check of the Wikipedia page for the Houston Texans just before 7 a.m. revealed a slight alteration to the team’s page on the crowd-sourced encyclopedia.

“The Houston Texans are a factory of sadness in Houston,” the first sentence read.

A post on the social media site Reddit showed a different change to the team’s Wiki page Sunday night, which read: “The Houston Texans are an alleged professional American football team based in Houston, Texas.”

The Texans are allegedly a professional team. from r/houston

Some fans seemed to share the frustration.

“The Texans have always been dysfunctional,” one fan wrote in comments of the Reddit post. “There’s little that separates us from the Bengals.”

“The Bengals have been to a Super Bowl before,” another commenter wrote.

“The Texans exist for only one reason – to beat the Cowboys,” another commenter wrote. “That’s the closest to a Super Bowl that we’ll get.”

Not all fans are despairing, however.

“Coaching needs to be worked on,” said Texans fan Lee Stewart after Sunday’s game. “Maybe not a new coach, but we’ve got to do something different.”

“(Quarterback) DeShaun (Watson) made some good moves out there, and (defensive end) JJ Watt was incredible as always," fan Cameron Gay said. “Everyone was upset, but not so upset we (aren't) still proud of them.”

The team’s Wikipedia page seemed to be returned to normal by 8:20 a.m., without any qualification to the team’s professional status.

The Texans travel to Indianapolis for their next game. Kickoff against the Colts is scheduled for noon Sunday.

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