LIST: Adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society

Check out this week's adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society in the article below. (KPRC 2 /

Looking for a new furry friend? You’ve come to the right place!

The gallery below features dogs and cats that are currently up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society.

For more information about any of the animals in the gallery, you can visit, call 713-433-6421 or stop by the shelter located at 14700 Almeda Road in southeast Houston.

Gallery last updated: July 31, 2023



Cranberry (Houston Humane Society)

Hi, I’m Cranberry. I am an energetic guy who would enjoy someone who could take me on long walks or hikes. I also enjoy short play times with another dog my size and energy level but would prefer to be solo in a home if possible so I am able to chill on your couch and cuddle. I was taken to a place called Petsuites where they used treats to teach me things like sit, lay down, and stay (which was my least favorite because who wants to stay when treats are involved!). Please consider fostering or even adopting me so I know what a home is like.


Bleu (Houston Humane Society)

Hi there! I’m Bleu, a lively and energetic 18-month-old pup ready to bring joy into your life. I recently returned to the shelter and I’m looking for my forever home. I’m healthy, heartworm negative, and weigh 57 pounds. While I’m still working on my leash manners, I’m a quick learner. I absolutely love treats, toys, playing fetch, running, and cuddling. If you’re looking for an active and affectionate companion, I might just be the perfect fit. Let’s meet and brighten each other’s lives.


Timber (Houston Humane Society)

Hi, I’m Timber! I love to strike a pose and take photos ALL THE TIME! I am also really friendly and I know how to sit! Come down to Houston Humane Society for a meet and greet! Someone loves me and my heartworm treatment has been sponsored!!!


Rachel (Houston Humane Society)

Hello! I’m Rachel, a lovable Bulldog mix seeking a forever home. I’m sweet, easy-going, and enjoy giving hugs. I daydream a lot and absolutely adore treats. I already know how to sit and since I am so food motivated I will easily learn more commands. I sure do hope to find my forever home soon!


Reed (Houston Humane Society)

I’m Reed, the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. While I may be a bit shy at first, I warm up quickly and love cuddling. I’m loyal, enjoy being around my humans, and would love to be your best friend. I have a light heartworm-positive status, but with proper care, I’ll thrive. I have a moderate energy level, and get along with dogs (prefer a meet and greet) and kids. I’m working on improving my leash manners. If you’re looking for a gentle and devoted companion, let’s meet and become best buddies.



Heather (Houston Humane Society)

Heather came to the Houston Humane Society through our Animals Cruelty Unit, along with several other animals. Due to her past experiences, she is very shy and timid. Heather is in need of a patient and understanding home where she can slowly regain her trust and confidence.


Phoenix (Houston Humane Society)

What’s up? I’m Phoenix! I’m seven-years-old, so I’m a queen. I like to think of myself as the perfect cat for different reasons. I’m outgoing, friendly, and like to say what’s on my mind. I like children when I approach them first, dogs too when slowly introduced, playing with toys, and eating treats (can’t get enough of those)!


Willow (Houston Humane Society)

Hey there! I’m Willow, a brave and strong older lady who has overcome challenges with a resilient spirit. I’m still learning to trust humans, but I adore small kittens and other cats. I communicate with them through loud squeaks and my tail makes a great toy! I might be a bit shy, so please approach me slowly as sudden movements startle me. I have ninja-like running and karate skills! During the day, I enjoy my private condo under the bathroom sink, but at night, I turn into a party animal, exploring and chilling nearby. Lickable treats and chicken pate wet food are my weakness, and my foster mom knows it! She uses them to win me over, and it works like a charm. If you’re seeking a calm and beautiful calico companion, all I need is your patience... and those yummy treats!


Quark (Houston Humane Society)

Hello there, dear human! My name is Quark, and I am a ball of energy and affection just waiting to brighten up your life! With my unique coat of white and brown, I’m quite the eye-catcher, but it’s my friendly and outgoing personality that truly sets me apart. Inquire about adopting me today!


Winston (Houston Humane Society)

Hello there, I’m Winston, I’m what some might call a “shy cat,” but once you get to know me, you’ll discover a world of charm and gentle affection. Loud noises and sudden movements may startle me initially, but all I need is a little patience and understanding to open up and reveal my true, lovable nature. I would do best in a calm and quiet home environment. A patient and understanding owner who will give me the time I need to adjust to my new surroundings is essential. In return, I promise to be a loyal and devoted companion, bringing a touch of magic and charm to your life.