LIST: Adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society

Check out this week's adoptable pets at the Houston Humane Society in the article below. (KPRC 2 /

Looking for a new furry friend? You’ve come to the right place!

The gallery below features dogs and cats that are currently up for adoption at the Houston Humane Society.

For more information about any of the animals in the gallery, you can visit, call 713-433-6421 or stop by the shelter located at 14700 Almeda Road in southeast Houston.

Gallery last updated: September 16, 2022



Tigre (Houston Humane Society)

Tigre is 2 years old. Let’s make a pact. If you promise to give me hugs, I’ll give you unlimited kisses & will make you my forever love. Also, did you check out my picture and see how handsome I SIT? I consider myself pretty smart so if you spend some time training me I’ll be able to learn other fancy tricks as well. Did I say I LOVE treats?


Tito (Houston Humane Society)

Tito is 2 years old. He came to Houston Humane Society as a stray and was absolutely terrified, thankfully a kind family opened their heart and home and Tito was placed into foster care where he is completing heartworm treatment. He is well-behaved and is very interested in watching and learning from our other dog. He is also potty trained! He’d be an excellent addition to someone looking for a true companion and friend.


Jackson (Houston Humane Society)

Jackson is 4 years old. I am a funny, smart, clever, guy - the total package, if I do say so myself. You see, I can open doors and I find great pleasure in getting out of my kennel to say hi to people (check out the big “Lock Door” sign!), pretty much anything to get attention. Sadly my previous parents had to return me but that means I’ve been house trained. Come meet me today!


Bondi (Houston Humane Society)

Bondi is one year old. Bondi is the SWEETEST boy. He has a heart of gold and has never met a stranger. He does great with other dogs and kiddos alike! He would love a home where he never has to be too far from his people & lots of cuddles are a must!


Peacock (Houston Humane Society)

Peacock has been waiting for a home for 96 days! For 96 days people have passed him up in his kennel despite his sweet puppy smile and friendly demeanor. However, Peacock has NOT let that break his happy-go-lucky spirit! As a certified good boy, he gets along with dogs and people of all ages! He is one of a kind, with eyes that tell a story and a personality to match. Be like Peacock, hold your head high, and don’t give up!

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Jazzie (Houston Humane Society)

Jazzie is 9 months old. I can see into your future... and I’m in it! I’m all about the vibes! I get along best with humans who are the same way! I am a teen dog & chilling out max & relaxing all cool is my thing, except for when I hear a squeaky toy, then I am DOWN for a good play sesh! Come hang out with me today and let’s be besties for the restie!


Hershey (Houston Humane Society)

Hershey is 1 year old. He came to us a mess. Having been hit by a car, his spirit and his leg were broken. Our team got to work quickly upon his arrival and breathed life into this HANDSOME boy. Now a tri-pawd Hershey sees the light in life again! He LOVES to romp around, give kisses, and play fetch. His lack of a leg does NOT slow him down. Will you give Hershey a chance at a forever home?


Charlie (Houston Humane Society)

Hi! I’m Charlie and I’m 1 year old. There are several myths and legends about having one amber eye and one blue eye. According to Native American legend, I can see both heaven and earth simultaneously. Some say I am a spirit dog that can see ghosts out of my blue eye. Others think I might be deaf or blind (I’m not). Any way you look at it, I have a fun story to tell friends! Come meet with me today and see what a great pup I am!



Phoebe (Houston Humane Society)

Phoebe is 5 years old. This sassy & sweet gal is a pro at sunbathing and lounging around. Her beautiful calico markings match her interesting and beautiful personality! This sweet girl would love to binge watch a Netflix show with you or nap the day away.


Cruella (Houston Humane Society)

Cruella is 1 year old. Unlike Cruella de Vil, this girl is all good. Cruella is known for her black and white coat which is beautiful and so soft. This sophisticated girl is looking for a home to call her own. She’s sweet, and kind, and doesn’t require you to have 101 puppies in your home!


Heidi (Houston Humane Society)

Heidi is a natural nurturer. Always caring for her roommates’ wellbeing, cleaning their ears and his eyes! She would be a great cat for someone who needs a bit of compassion and empathy in their lives. Life can be tough sometimes and we know Heidi’s head butts ensuring you everything is going to be okay will be just the thing you always needed!


Tea (Houston Humane Society)

I’m Tea is 4 months old. I am a sweet & spicy teen who is adaptable, vocal, and fun-loving! I was raised in foster care and am a very loving kitty cat! I love other cats and children! I will make a wonderful family pet!


Chubs (Houston Humane Society)

I’m Chubs and I’m 1 year old. I came from a hoarding situation with over 100 cats, wowzah! Even though I came from that situation I am still a very loving kitty cat who will make a wonderful lap companion!! I do great with children and other cats! I am FIV positive, but don’t let that scare you off! Learn more about FIV cats here.

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Bob (Houston Humane Society)

Bob is 2 years old. He is a bear-hugging boy, who adores under-the-ear scratches. He is new to the shelter after being found on the streets and will need to learn that being loved by a human can be the best thing in the world. We know with the right human, Bob will be that cat who loves to lounge on the sofa and may or may not ask for an extra helping of whatever snack you have handy! Bob’s love language is food and we guarantee it’s the way to his heart I am FIV Positive, but because I am so friendly with people & other cats, that should not be a problem at all for any other fur siblings in the household! Learn more about FIV cats here.