Houston Newsmakers April 23: U.S. Rep. Ted Poe talks stocks, Houston housing trends

HOUSTON – Congressman Ted Poe, (R-2nd District) is the special guest on this week’s "Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall," and he said he left the conservative Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives because of what was turning into a group intent on blocking progress. 

Poe said it became clear after he sat in on an hour and a half meeting with President Donald Trump.

“He kept giving in to more suggestions by the Freedom Caucus but it got the point where they would never, as a group, vote yes for any repeal and replacement,” Poe said. “That’s when I decided to leave the Freedom Caucus because it’s easy to say no. We have the responsibility of leading.” 

Poe weighs in on the following topics:

North Korea: Trump is doing the right thing in the right way. Healthcare reform: Not optimistic.

Trump’s changing positions: A good thing.

The tone in Washington D.C.: Vicious. And there is much more with the former judge and now representative from the 2nd Congressional District.


The report is called “Taking Stock: Housing Trends in the Houston Area” produced by the Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

Kyle Shelton is the Director of Strategic Partnerships and says the report is a good barometer of what kinds of challenges the Houston region will continue to face as it grows by hundreds of thousands of people every few years.

“We’re going to really have to work through, as a region, what options do we need,” he said. “Is single family detached going to be the solution for everybody? Or is that the housing unit that everybody wants?” Many of the homes being built at a rapid pace are out of the price range of many of those moving in so what next for them?

You can find the full report on the Kinder Institute for Urban Research, https://kinder.rice.edu/

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• U.S. Rep Ted Poe,  (R) 2nd Congressional District, 281-446-0242, https://poe.house.gov

•   Twitter: @JudgeTedPoe

• Kyle Shelton, Director Strategic Partnerships, Kinder Institute for Urban Research, 713-348-4132,  https://kinder.rice.edu

Twitter: @RiceKinderInst


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