What happened Friday in retrial of David Temple

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Testimony continued in court Friday in the retrial of David Temple, who is accused of murdering his first wife Belinda, in 1999. She was eight months pregnant at the time. 

Last night, Channel 2 investigates learned Temple’s current wife, Heather, filed for divorce Thursday. It’s the latest development in a case that has spanned nearly two decades. 

Who took the stand Friday in the David Temple retrial?

Virginia Barrera, a former neighbor of the Temples, testified Friday she was questioned by police the day Belinda Temple was killed, and described for the jury what she heard that day around 12:45 p.m. while walking her dog. 

“A loud noise, like a firecracker. It startled the birds in the trees,” Barrera said. She explained to the jury that the noise was coming from the same direction as the Temples' house. 

Blake Adler, another neighbor, who was 9 years old at the time of Belinda’s murder, told jurors a similar story.

“I heard three loud bang noises. It sounded like fireworks and was unusual enough to stand out,” Adler said. 

Thomas Page, a former deputy investigator with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, testified he was called upon to investigate Belinda Temple’s murder the day after she was killed. His job, initially, was to canvass the neighborhood and talk to neighbors and gather the information that could be useful to the investigation. 

The court is in recess for the weekend. Testimony in the case will resume Monday at 10 a.m. 

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