Strange, washed-up beach items to be auctioned off for a good cause: See weird finds

Strange, washed-up beach items to be auctioned off for a good cause: See weird finds (Mission-Aransas Reserve)

PORT ARANSAS, Texas – Can you make use of baby doll parts, a crab trap, a boat, or even a sea turtle skull? If so, you’ll want to attend the annual Tony’s Trash to Treasure auction at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas this Saturday.

Happening at 10 a.m., the auction will take place by the park’s flagpole. Proceeds will go toward the Ark Amos Rehabilitation Keep, a flyer for the event said.

See some of the weird finds that will be auctioned off.

Weird baby doll (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Buried crab trap (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Metal float (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Cheap fishing float (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Lightning whelk egg casing (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
A piggy bank (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Hamburger sea bean (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Inter tube (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Loggerhead sea turtle skull (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Toy monkey (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Fishing lure (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Moon snail (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Pineapple (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Boat from Cuba (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Flare (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Fish aggregating device (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Cockle (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Message in a bottle (Mission-Aransas Reserve)
Water gun (Mission-Aransas Reserve)

About the Amos Rehabilitation Keep

The Amos Rehabilitation Keep, or ARK, rehabilitates marine turtles and marine birds from the coastal zone of Mustang Island and St. Joseph Island. Named after University of Texas at Austin Marine Science Institute research associate Anthony F. Amos, part of the organization’s mission is to release those animals that recover back to their native habitat and educate the public about local wildlife and human impacts on our coastal area. According to UT’s website, Amos has spent more than 25 years surveying Gulfside beaches while monitoring the effects of weather and garbage in the areas. He often finds injured birds, turtles, and other creatures.

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