WATCH: Adorable video shows orphaned owlet being fed by puppet

Great Horned Owl (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

CALABASAS, Calif. – California Wildlife Center caretakers are doing their best to nurture an orphaned owlet, using a puppet to “raise” the young animal.

The California Wildlife Center took to its Facebook page to share an adorable video of the orphaned owlet eating from an owl puppet.

According to the Facebook post, caretakers are striving to get the owlet to associate food with an “owl” rather than from a human’s hands.

According to the post, mother owls normally tear up the food into small pieces and feed it to their young.

Caretakers are doing their best to replicate that process by using a puppet.

According to the post, the owlet was reluctant to eat at first, but quickly got the hang of it.

Click here to watch the adorable video.

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